Sunday, March 06, 2016

Scaremongering Scum

This is the result of Tony Blairs Labour Government Open Door Policy and it will get worse if we stay in the EU under the leadership of Tony Blair's Prodigy David Cameron

Now the French say if we leave we will start WW3 IDIOT

They say they will send Ferries full of immigrants to the UK. Even if this happened which it will not do they not realise the UK will not let them Dock and just send them back or the Navy will stop them in the Channel

How a secret army of slave labourers in the UK built the beds you bought at John Lewis: Workers are sleeping 45 to a house and earning just £10 a week
·       Hope for Justice charity was tipped off about suspected trafficking ring
·       It was centred on the Kozee Sleep bed-making firm in Dewsbury, Yorkshire
·       They contacted some of 45 Hungarian workers being forced to work there
·       They carried out an undercover mission to free the men in the early hours 
·       Some had passports stolen and worked 16 hours a day for £10 a week
·       They made beds sold in High Street stores including John Lewis and Next
·       They were just some of the immigrants who have lured to this country with the promise of well-paid work

Britain could spark EU WAR: Juncker says UK could BREAK Brussels peace

BRUSSELS chief Jean-Claude Juncker warned Britain could spark World War Three if it votes to leave the European Union (EU).

France to hire FERRIES to send Calais migrants to Britain within HOURS of EU Out vote

MIGRANTS living in shanty camps in northern France will be put on ferries and sent to Britain the day after a vote to leave the EU, a French mayor warned last night.

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