Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Fish Fight

Half of all fish caught
in the north sea
are thrown
back overboard

Hugh fearnley whittingstall fish fight petition has been a great success it has been so good that that Parliament and the Despotic European Union have had to change the law on the ridiculous Fish quota system but HOW he done this by petition he had so many names that these so called representatives of the people had to listen. So why can not we do the same with other issues take the EU and Human  Rights Laws most people want at least a referendum on these subjects
MP's very rarely listen to their constituencies especially if they hare part of the government, Back benchers are different they do not have to do any boot licking to keep their jobs, Back benchers normally speak their mind and good for them. When I was a local Councillor I had an argument with another veteran Councillor about issue that concerned the people of Sittingbourne he was about to vote for something the Marjority of voters did not want. He told me he represented, in his opinion, the best interest of the people of Sittingbourne not what they wanted. I am sorry to say this type of arrogance is typical.
So lets have Referendums on all important issues Locally and nationally it works in Switzerland at least the people will have true vote in the governing of this country

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