Monday, August 29, 2011

Good Idea Labour SNP hate the English

As you know I am not a great lover of the Labour Party but they did have a good idea, they suggest any company that has a government contract must have an apprenticeship scheme for British Youngsters. Why not take it further why not say they must employ British Subjects before foreign labour. These firms continually complain the reason they do not employ British People because they are untrained WELL TRAIN THEM YOU MORONS in the end it will be worthwhile because the wages paid to Foreigners will soon go up once they have realised they have no competition. This has happened in the farming world locally where Farmers trained Foreign workers to prune because they were cheaper  laid of British Workers but when the foreigners returned thy demand the same rate as the Brits.

What about the Scots SNP expecting only the English to pay for University fees and the rest of the World gets it free. Now you tell me the SNP do not hate the English, if the Scots vote for another SNP government they should be told to go it alone then lets see if they manage without our AID

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