Sunday, August 14, 2011

White Chavs become Black

Read the article but most importantly watch the YouTube clip and tell me what he says is racist? or just fact.
The idea of taking someone Council House for rioting is ridiculous if the owner of the house was not involved, if they were involved maybe. Once they are evicted it is still the duty of  the Council to house them, maybe we should start downsizing those in houses where they recieve Housing Benefit i.e. Single Mother with one child living in a three bedroom house move them to two bed room, Single people living in one bed room flats make them move to Bedsits. Plus those on long term benefit should not be given money but food stamps, they would not die of hunger but how long would they last without Fags, Alcohol, Takeaways they would soon take on the work of foreign Labour if employers let them

'White chavs have become black': David Starkey TV outburst provokes race row as he claims Enoch Powell was right

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