Friday, August 12, 2011

I told you so

So the Riots are nearly finished Court cases and the villains start to appear and of course all the Left Wing excuses.

Of course it is poverty, bad housing, bored kids, government cuts backs, the Caribbean community being let down, not enough police presence, to much police presence. It certainly was not acts unadulterated violence and criminality led by local gang leaders!

Yet who do we see arrested Millionaire daughter, School Teacher, Students, Musicians, Top Chef and I could go so does any of the above apply to them NO

Now some of these experts are saying it is lack of discipline in Schools and at Home, Poor Schooling, Morality of alley cats, Single Mothers absent fathers, No respect for authority, lenient drugs laws, lenient Alcohol Laws, soft sentencing and the Human rights act. It seems these scum know their rights but no nothing about their responsibilities. NOW WHO HAS BEING SAYING THIS FOR THE LAST 5 YEARS

So what of the punishments read on:

Tough sentences? Forget it. These teen yobs will be treated as if THEY'RE the victims

Read more:

I notice that the Police are being blamed for being violent and aggressive most of do not want to see a Para military Police Force but sometimes when you are met with violent confrontation you have to answer with more violence to subdue the aggressor, once they have been subdued and the situation is safe then you offer the Olive Branch, Tea and Sympathy, then you can find out the problem. The British in War time would call this Hearts and Mind and they were very successful. When I first startied teaching I would be very hard and very strict and set firm ground rules as time went on and I got to know my class I would slacken of and got results, you cannot do it the other way round

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