Thursday, August 11, 2011

NAKMAS and Homosexuals

In a recent copy of Martial Arts Illustrated an article appeared entitled “NAKMAS Tackles Homophobia” it went on to say that it supported Prime Minister Cameron initiative to tackle homophobia in Sport yet another sound bite from a pretty poor Prime Minister, it also said Martial Arts have not accommodated the LGBT Community (I presume LGBT means Homosexuals)

I personally object strongly to different sections of the community be given preferential treatment, since the last government were voted in 1997 groups like Ethnic Minorities, Women and Homosexuals have been given priority treatment, PC word is Positive discrimination, in many walks of life i.e. entrance to Police Fore, Fire Brigade, Civil Service etc rather then being judged on ability. The Martial Arts is a Meritocracy where you are graded and judged on ability not Ethnic origin, sex or sexual habits, Positive Discrimination leads to a fall in standards you only have to look the above to prove that.

My own club and I have a policy which is written into our constitution that we never ask a person Religion, Sexual Persuasion or Ethnic background we have felt questions like this are intrusive and unnecessary as none have anything to with being part of our club, I and my club can honestly treat everyone as equal that is until they started grading. A 1st Dan is superior to a 2nd Kyu only in the art they both do. In my 54 years involvement in Judo, Sambo and other Martial Arts I have never known a Homosexual to be involved in the Martial Arts, I expect there were some but that was none of my business and I had no need to know. Would it have affected me if I had known NO because I would only see them as a Judoka, Samboist or Martial Arts Player, So why all these ridiculous legislation and diversity courses, why do I need to go on a course to find out about the sexual habits of another person, what has that got do with me teaching a lesson. I have been an extremely hard coach when came to training top class performers and I got results sadly my type of teaching is now frowned upon that is why I very rarely teach but as a Good Coach I realise my shortcomings  and should alter them to fit in the modern idem .

To me the word equality is what it means EVERYONE IS EQUAL not some are more equal then other

My own opinions of Homosexuality would never overlap into who or whom I teach

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