Tuesday, August 16, 2011

OH NO its the X Factor again

I do not know about you but I feel TV programmes are being dumb down to cater for the less intelligent amongst us. All we now get is reality shows, games shows and interviews with so called stars, the channels I seem to be watching lately are ITV 3 and Gold which have repeats. This weekend starts that crass X Factor where Chavs try to sing and become a star remember years ago a star would be someone who would spend years travelling the boards throughout the country learning their craft now in these ten of thousands of mediocre Chavs convince themselves they can sing so no wonder the young do not want to work when the hype tells them with a bit of luck they can become superstars.

Of course this will be followed by Britain’s Got Talent, then there will Pop Star and when that’s finished we will get all the minor celebrities either in the Jungle, learning how to dance or become an ice skater or become an opera singer or become a conductor or learn form a teenager how to become a rap artist. Or become a Chef. What next XXX Factor how to become a Porn Star?

This is TV on the cheap and we the TV watcher accept it and some even convince themselves they enjoy it but then again the TV producers make £ millions from them they even get the viewer to pay to vote, I wonder what people would say if you had to do that in a General Election. Oh and lets not forget the most Stupidest programme on Earth “Big Brother” where people switch on to watch other people sleep

In reality I am the Odd Ball because I will not watch these programmes like the millions that do but I have kept my sanity or have I maybe its me that is mad Ha Ha Ha Ha

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