Monday, August 08, 2011

Stay at Home Mums are not criminals

Rise in stay-at-home mothers during recession blamed on cuts in state funding for childcare

I was going to answer this but a response I saw from the lady below does me

I chose to have children and so choose that I will bring them up! I don't want someone else to bring my children up. I don't have the earning power that would make working and childcare make sense either. Things are very tight, we don't live a life of luxury, I don't go and have coffee every morning! As my husband earns just over the higher tax band we will also lose child benefit in the next couple of years, which will make life even harder - but I am there for my children and value every minute as it is going so fast! The negative side is that society do make me feel guilty for not working and assume we must have lots of money! I completely respect those women who want to to work and keep their career going, and and sympathise with those who need to work. The Government don't make it easy for any of us.

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