Saturday, August 20, 2011

A Levels it must be August Boring

You know I am sick to death hearing every August about A Level results and University applications, then we hear how hard up the students will be and what debt they will be in. Even though they do not start paying back until they earn £20,000 a year and lets face it those with decent degrees will 10 times that amount and no matter what you say University is very much a Middle Class affair, those kids from working class families are not in abundance.
If we are to have stats every August on University applications how about stats at the same time on Apprenticeship's?
I have said for years that University is as much about socialising as it is about learning so why do they keep moaning about wanting more money or free education, 50% of Degrees do not have any Kudos, Why are Pubs in Uni Cities the only ones to make a profit, Why do students need 12 weeks holiday a year cut that back to 4 weeks and shorten all courses by a year and lets stop treating youngsters who do not go to Uni as failures. When I was 18 I only knew one person who went to Uni he was Robin Bartlett can anyone remember him or where he is now?
After having a moan it may be as cheap to keep these young people at Uni then have them lounging about on the Dole and to think when I left school I did not know anyone who did not have a job or went to college but then again we did not have 2 million Foreigners living here

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