Saturday, September 29, 2012

I Told you so

One in 66 Britons is gay or bisexual - NOT one in ten, as previously thought

This was one of the headlines today, something I have been saying for years and of course the PC brigade have called me Homophobic (fear of Homosexuals), I am supposed to be suppressing my own Homosexual feelings (rubbish), trying to outlaw Homosexuality, depriving a substantial minority of choice and being anti democratic Why,? Because I have been saying that an extremely small minority i.e. Homosexuals have to much power and say in the running of this country and when you get a small clique of individuals having to much power and influence we are on the verge of a Dictatorship. Rubbish I hear you say well already they have been given preferential treatment in lots of area by law for example there is positive discrimination in employment, they have a civil partnership which is for people of the same sex only, they have had rulings against the church with regarding to adoption forcing the closure of many Religious adoption agency (children suffering because of their dictat), Hoteliers being sued because they have moral objections to unmarried couple sleeping together. Basically the Gay Mafia want to abolish freedom of choice.

I have to admit I do have not Homosexual Friends and only know two homosexuals who use the gym both seem OK so I do not have anything against the individual but I do not believe they should not be able to marry, adopt children or have preferable treatment. Yet I do believe they should not be discriminate against because they were born that way, I have always said what difference does it make what you are as long as you can do the job but I want to see the discrimination against heterosexual (normal sexed males) males stopped

The article quite surprised me as the Media, Press and entertainment industries seem to have extremely high proportion of Homosexuals whose aim is to convince what they are is normal Well sorry it may now be acceptable but far from normal

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