Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Abide by the rules

Nothing make me more angry then when some one joining a Club or Organisation and accepting its rules and conditions then as soon as they are in they start ignoring the rules then complain when they are thrown out If you want to change the rules do it in a correct constitutional way, yet those who mostly want change do it for their own selfish reasons. Take Bernard Lynch he featured on the Today Programme on Radio 4 in a discussion about a new Pope; he was a former Catholic priest. Now as a Catholic there are certain rules you have to abide by, which many of us do not but what you do expect is for the Priest to abide by them to the letter, because a lot of them have not done that there is a big problem in the Church. Yet all this man can think about is his own selfish welfare no wonder he is know longer a priest, so why was stripped of his priest hood? Because he was a practising Homosexual, When he took Holy Orders he knew it was part of his priest hood to be celibate and he knew that practising the Homosexual act was sinful and against the Church Teachings, So why did he become a Priest?

This is typical of Radio 4 to have a Gay Militant on the programme they are obsessed with Gay people lets remind ourselves they represent just 1.5% of the population.  Bernard Lynch went on to say he was married to some man for 15 years something not allowed as Catholic and never will be, all this while he was a Priest, what a hypocrite! He wants the New Pope to change the Catholic Church  to suit his own abnormal sexual behaviour. 

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