Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Foyle's War Portuguese Meal Sport Politics

I was watching Foyle’s War on Sunday, which I thoroughly enjoyed but one thing that has not changed since then is the way we treat our soldiers when they have finished their services.  In this episode an Ex Policeman returns from being a Prisoner of War with the Japanese only to be told he is no longer wanted as a Policeman, he is told that the Police are fed up with having to look after ex serviceman and the recruitment officer said those who remained at home had done just as much as those who served in the Forces? The same is happening to our soldiers today from being refused houses and jobs, doesn’t say a lot about our country does it.

Val and myself were invited to the Taste of Portugal (Tops’) for a private meal with all their Portuguese friends and it was a Peasant type food consisting of chicken, beans, potatoes, cabbage plus some paella. It was delicious washed down with some wine a great dinner and the friendliness of these Portuguese’s people was great. Some still have houses in Portugal, I hope to twist their arm and rent one for a holiday. If you get the chance pop in and have a meal oh we finished the evening with Karaoke most of which was Portuguese.

I have enjoyed politics all my life served as a Councillor and have been deputy Chairman of the Local Conservative Party but for backstabbing and bitchiness you cannot beat International Sports Politics. Recently I have been having disagreement with an International Sambo organisation I will not bore you with the details but this group which is dominated by the Eastern Block have no idea about democracy and as an Englishman I firmly believe in a constitution. Sometimes we are ridiculed about this a Russian once said to me “when you English have more the 6 people together you form a club and a constitution”, he then laughed, I retaliated and said “you lot get 6 people together and form a dictatorship”. Serving on some of these International bodies is not for the faint-hearted bribery intimidation, corruption can become the norm

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