Sunday, March 03, 2013

Tenerife STRANGE

This holiday in Tenerife has been a strange experience the Hotel was excellent, one of the best I have been in, the weather was pleasant not scorching hot and we had a bit of rain but still nice. What was strange was this is the first time I have been one of the youngest in the company, as some one who normally deals with people a lot younger then myself it was quite a culture shock. Watching all these older people on sticks and in wheel chairs brings your own your own mortality into question, what also amazed me was how a lot of them were so bad mannered. No "excuse me" when they want to get past or "sorry" if they bump into you, as for queuing that was a joke. It seems the attitude is "I am old so I can do what I want" as for the dreaded mobility scooter watch out in the dining room they will bang your legs if you do not get out the way and on the promenade it is like a mobility scooter Grand Prix. The clothing sense of some of these elderly people leaves a lot to be desired, trying to dress like a 30 year old when your 70 does not suit you, the term"Mutton dressed as lamb" come to mind.
Yet after saying that it was a good holiday and I met some very nice people and we will be back in October or November but now I look forward to the caravan season

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