Saturday, March 23, 2013

Justice a Joke

I was watching a programme on BBC where the Police set up a Camera in a house and car, which proved very successful. Yet all those who were court (pun) none them received a Prison sentence? And now there is a group who want women criminals to be sentenced more leniently. Even in the criminal system the White Heterosexual Male is discriminated against. I for one am fed up with the Human Rights Charter or should we call it the Criminals Charter. Build more prisons or bring in Prison ships and stop making excuses for people who break the law

Two article below neither will change any thing the only time things will change is when we get out of the EU and we run our own country

SATURDAY ESSAY: Why we on the Left made an epic mistake on immigration

On benefits in Birmingham, the African war criminal we can't kick out: Rant of 'murderer' staying on human rights grounds is being funded by tax payer

'It's a free county... sell your shares': Starbucks CEO blasts shareholder who told him that company's support for gay marriage was hitting profits

Why would any company get involved in such an issue as Gay Marriage? Surely their job is selling coffee I personally do not use Starbucks the Taste of Portugal does excellent coffee

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