Monday, March 11, 2013

Call the MidWife

I have enjoyed watching Call the Midwife but I am glad they did not give me a close up when the Midwife bent down to look up the Women’s private parts. Although I did not live in the East End I was born in 1950 so can remember some the items and clothes in the programme. Things were certainly different those days after the War my parents first abode was Nissan Huts (Ex Army Huts) this was called Recreation Way Kemsley near the Railway lines in 1953 we moved to a brand new council estate. Looking back I think it was amazing how many new houses were built in a 10-year period after the war. When you watch programs like this the nostalgia takes over and memories flood back, I remember my mother who was German telling many stories about Wartime Germany I expect I was one of just a few children being given both sides of that conflict and have to say I am proud of both my German and English heritage. Couple of things I remember one was my mother telling me how she saved a small tin of Nescafe for Christmas Day, which she considered the treat of the year and she was very fond of parents who visited us on many occasions, my Grandmother spent her last years with my mother in England. Although Germany was the conquered nation my mother brother and myself would visit Germany every Summer Holiday, I thought we were rich far from it we went there so my Grand parents could look after us we would regularly get food parcels from them. While in Germany my Auntie Jody would send Superman comics from Canada and the USA where she emigrated.
 One thing I always remember was occasionally she would bring out the German LP’s, which she would listen to, and cry they were Oh Mein Papa and Lille Marlene I have attached some Youtube of both. She would never listen to the Marlene Dietrich version has she considered her a traitor to the German people. Especially the ordinary soldier

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