Friday, March 08, 2013

Much to write about

I think most of you know I am not a great lover of David Cameron I think he is a his weak leader who doesn’t understand the people he represents especially his obsession with the rights of 1.5% of the population i.e. Gays,  yet when over 60% of the population want a referendum on Europe he drags his feet and tells us after the next election. Obviously Gay Marriage is far more important then the EU !!! I hope Conservative Government gets in but with a leader who knows the people and I do not mean that other Rich Kid Boris.

Reported in the papers today Nigel Farage, the charismatic leader of UKIP, has had talks with Rupert Murdock about having a pact with the Conservatives if they get rid of Cameron. What a marvellous idea how about Nigel Farage and David Davies fighting together in the next election, now that would be an election winner

Many members of this government are trying their best to get us out of the Myer, I think there strategy on the economy is right and is working, God help us if we ever get a Labour Government again can you imagine the mess we would be in especially after what the last lot done. Teresa May the Home Secretary is doing a good job trying to curb the EU powers with immigration and Judges, she also want to reform the Human Rights Act something we need to get out off. Below is yet another article on the distasteful Human Rights. Ian Duncan Smith is making progress with regard to Benefit reform, Chris. Grayling the Justice minister is trying reform the legal system so criminals get their just deserts and Michael Gove is trying hard to bring back standards to Education. So there are people who are doing a good job but need to rid ourselves of Cameron and Clegg

Clegg and his LibDem mates always amuse me, they keep rambling on about a fair voting system yet when it comes to boundary changes they vote against it. Boundary changes are necessary project every so many years, it is basically trying to get Parliamentary constituencies to have equal number of voters for each MP in fact the Conservatives wanted to bring down the amount of MP’s we have in Parliament. 

The Chris Huhne MP businesses of his wife lying to the court is interesting as he awaits sentencing there was an article in the paper from former Tory Minister Jonathan Aiken who was imprisoned some 14 years ago.
He said “Provided Chris Huhne is wise enough to avoid the airs and graces of a tall poppy, he will soon go with the flow of ‘doing his bird’. If he keeps his head down and joins the fraternity of the fallen with quiet acceptance, attitudes on the wing will start to soften into friendliness. Even in a community of those who have done bad deeds, camaraderie, humour and the milk of human kindness can flow”.
Now I know this to be true as a Judo Black Belt I knew served time with him and basically looked after him and they became friends when they both left prison. The Black Belt was imprisoned for smuggling booze and fags how very naughty of him maybe if he was an immigrant the Government would have helped him with his fine

Talking to some Teachers I am told that Children who get free meals at school are expected to work harder then those that do not? Can we then assume that children whose parents are on low income are thick? I do not think so. Talking to a nationally known solicitor at the Gym he said there is one law for the rich and one for the rest of us, glad to see things do not change.

Who saw they last episode of Ricky Gervais comedy DEREK a moving yet funny programme tremendous bit of writing

Teenage thugs punished for rioting at young offenders' institution could win compensation... after judge rules banning them from gym violated their human rights

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