Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter and all that

I found the above in one of my drawers seems very apt for Easter can not remember who gave it to me. 

In the news the last Archbishop of Canterbury has a go at Cameron and his government he says "
n an article for the Daily Mail, Lord Carey squarely accuses ministers of ‘aiding and abetting’ discrimination against Christians.
He says he believes there is an ‘aggressive secularist and relativist approach’ behind the Government plans to legalise gay marriage and says the Prime Minister has ‘done more than any other recent political leader’ to ‘feed’ Christian anxieties" Nearly 2/3 of Christians feel they are victimised because of their faith. I was brought up a Roman Catholic and although I do not practise my faith I do believe in god and of course I question many things about my faith I also question the people who say they are Christians and then do despicable things but the fundamental teachings of Jesus are right and proper. 
Until recent years I have felt the need to broadcast what I believe in but things have changed so much since Tony Blair was electedNow is the time to say and let people know I believe before the Country falls like Sodom and Gomorra

Here is the full story


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