Thursday, March 21, 2013

alan Bennett and Women's hour

A couple of interesting points came out on the Radio recently Alan Bennett was interviewed he turns out that he is homosexual and in a civil partnership, I did not know that and why should I that is his business. He was asked about Gay Marriage, he said “I do not know what all the fuss is about the subject has never come up in my discussion with people” so even the Gay community do not consider it important. Yet this small minority 1.5% of the population has an even smaller percentage of their own community interested in the subject
So why does Cameron, the chatting classes and the Westminster village lent the Gay Militants under the leadership of Peter Tatchell have so much power even this new Archbishop of Canterbury has invited him for tea, I expect there are more people doing Judo then homosexuals who want to marry so why doesn’t the Chairman of the BJA have an invite.

Some mornings when I train I listen to Women’s Hour, this is a programme that tries to prove their superiority over men. Yet every now and again they come up with some good reports, today they had a group of School Girls 12 to 15 giving interviews. Until now I thought young people were obsessed with sex, drugs, booze, celebrity culture, cloths etc. That was till I listened to these young girls , one subject they were all angry with was Rap Music this where singers (if that what you can call them) use filthy language to promote violence, rape, homophobia, degradation of women, racism etc., they all said this was bad for young people as it gave the impressions that what they sing about is cool. Well done girls lets hope some of the boys take note of what you are saying

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