Monday, March 18, 2013

Bulgarians and Romanians

Find below an email I received today. I happen to believe we in GB can not tolerate un regulated immigration and believe a lot more regulation and control is needed. The wording in the email doesn't necessarily help the case for controlled immigration suggesting because of massive corruption in these countries doesn't mean it is in their DNA what we need is more facts
Already one person has complained that I have circulated this email but this issue is so important and will effect future generations and needs to be discussed and not hidden from view. I hope you all read this and if you disagree send in a reply with why you disagree

Kim Taylor

You might like to consider the implications of the contents of this E petition and sign it and send it on to others because we really can't afford it when our own young people, old people, hospital systems, and young people trying to get jobs and housing etc are really struggling.

Bulgarians and Romanians
 Literally millions of Bulgarians and Romanians will soon be eligible to descend on the UK and Ireland in much the same way as the Poles did some years ago.  
 Whilst most of the Poles who emigrated to the UK   are industrious and hard working the same cannot be said for the Bulgarians and Romanians.  
 It is no coincidence that these two countries are the poorest in Europe . They have systematically impoverished themselves through their leaning  
 towards corruption at all levels of society and serious criminality. Its almost in their DNA. Quite why these countries were ever admitted to the EU  
 defies reason, but that's what the unelected hierarchy in Brussels decided the rest of Europe needed! They didn't have to worry about getting  
 re-elected when they made that decision on our behalf. One can only speculate on their motives.
Certainly many hundreds of thousands of Bulgarians and Romanians will be free to leave their countries for the greener grass in the rest of the EU,  
 and most of them will, if the Polish experience is anything to go by. The Poles were driven by their need to have a job. The probability is that the 
  Bulgarians and Romanians will be driven by state hand-outs and the ease with which they are handed out. No prizes for guessing whose Social  
 Security and Health Service will be at the top of their list of where to pitch up complete with extended families.
Here's an opportunity to support a Government e-petition to put off the automatic right of entry for these people who have, by and large,  
 wrecked their own countries to the extent that they don't want to live there any more.
Go To and sign it.    Please send this to everyone you know
Then ask your friends and family to do the same.
100,000 signatures triggers a Parliamentary debate and we know that Call me Dave is not happy about the EU making such decisions to the detriment of the UK .
He might also do a bit better in the polls if he does something about this unwanted influx 

Reply From Nick

Martin you're welcome to use my email reply on the condition my email address and surname are withheld.

Everyone is entitled to their own political views no matter how much we may disagree with them on a personal level. The tone of the original forwarded email was basically nothing more than BNP propaganda 'it's in their DNA' couldn't be more up Nick Griffins street if it tried. And I might add utter bol***ks.

Kim has obviously never trained with Georgi (I know for a fact she trains with Poles, a couple of which are good friends of mine) although the father of her son, Simon McGovern most definitely has trained under Georgi.

Georgi is a Bulgarian Sombo Coach and a good one (Editor)

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