Sunday, March 10, 2013

Kilometers-Pink Mafia-Red Nose Day

I get really annoyed when TV programs especially the BBC try to brainwash into thinking what they believe is right. Take one example I watching a programme called country and they were featuring a piece on coastal erosion, the women reporter tells us that the Coast line had retreated ½ Kilometre, does she not realise that the correct UK measurement is miles, did she not know that on UK roads it is illegal to have a sign that is not in Miles and Yards? The BBC is obsessed in promoting the EU and this is one way of doing it. While on the subject anyone seen the Film The Essex Boys, these drug dealer were bringing in some drugs on a boat and one them said “We are only X amount of Kilometres from the Coast” this film was about something that happened in 1993? Have a look at

I am on Skype already had a conference meeting with some friends in the USA its great but was talking with my mate Graham and suddenly got cut off, I suppose nothing is perfect.

Did any of you watch Red Nose day I certainly didn’t just a bunch idiotic TV stars etc. trying to impress each other and enhance their own career. Program well past its sell by date  

Couple of articles form the Newspapers for you

Queen fights for gay rights: Monarch makes historic pledge on discrimination and hints that if Kate DOES have a girl, that means equal rights to the throne too
·       First time Her Majesty has signalled support for gay rights in 61-year reign
·       Also promotes 'empowerment' of women in drive to boost human rights
·       Insiders say her decision to highlight the event is a 'watershed' moment

I believe in the Monarchy but have always realised they have no concept of what the ordinary people think and feel in fact just like the majority of MP’s

Is this some sort of global agenda?? Why are we constantly hearing about an issue that effects less than 1.5% of the world's population?!!! What about issues that effect everyone such as wealth inequality, dangerous banking, massive immigration, EU I could go on. This Pink Mafia have an inordinate amount of power WHY?

Latest Polls show that Labour will get a landslide victory at the next election. God help us  here are couple of comments I took of the newspapers

In all honesty who gives a tom tit.....The vast majority of people in this country, those that are not fabulously wealthy and those that do not rely on state benefits, will still be in the same boat forever no matter which party gets in....The Tories will always look after their own, the super rich and Labour will always as a vote catcher look after the non workers. The other party, cant remember their name, well they do not even get on the scoreboard and no-one knows who they look after, probably no-one......Just so sad thinking that the people who earn money and pay the correct amount of tax to keep the country afloat are always kicked into touch.

Left/Right. A quick or slow march into oblivion. Or, "Ladies and Gentlemen", "On which side of the Titanic would you like to place your deckchair"? Both sides are controlled by the Globalist Elites. That's why they allow us a 'vote'. As Mark Twain said "If voting changed anything they wouldn't allow us to have one". I fear that the next Election Circus will be the last chance to vote UKIP. I fear massive Electoral Fraud or the removal of the vote completely. The one thing the Globalists fear is an informed Public. That is why the people who have been warning about this, have been branded as 'nut-jobs' in an attempt to silence them. The Globalists fear people learning about the Secretive Groups who control World Politics (eg. Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations, Royal Institute of International Affairs and others). Today the Public are able to bypass the ,largely, Controlled Mainstream Media and are beginning to wake-up. It could be too late, but we have to TRY.

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