Monday, March 11, 2013


The Archbishop of Canterbury head of the richest organisation in GB condemns the Government for not raising benefits in line with inflation as will force children into poverty.
Can not understand why when these do gooders try and put an argument over they use children as their focus point surely a better wording would be families. I happen to agree with Ian Duncan Smith’s assessment .We need to get people of Benefit Dependency and back into work, making being unemployed not financially viable. So we need to get rid of all the foreign workers in this country who are not needed this in general means unskilled labour, next we need to train more apprentices then we can rid this country of all foreign tradesman. Most of all companies will have to pay better wages and give full time employment, not part time work we need to ban the disgraceful Employment Agencies.
What annoys me intensely is the Church of England complaining that we need to give more to the unemployed but offer no help to those of us who pay taxes why don’t they dip into their massive coffers of money and help the unemployed. Maybe the government should tax the Church more and stop giving them Grants.

One Charity suggest that “A family with two adults and two children needs to have £349 each week in order to be above the poverty line.” That is about £500 a week before stoppages etc. that’s £26,000 a year. Ask yourself how many unskilled workers get that

Welfare minister rages at bishops: There's nothing moral about trapping people on benefits, says Iain Duncan Smith
    IDS has gone head-to-head with the Church over benefits overhaul
    CoE says capping benefit rises will push children into poverty
    But welfare minister says the burden on taxpayers is not fair

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