Friday, March 22, 2013

Stay at home Mums

The stay-at-home mum who mauled Clegg on radio: One woman speaks up for mums who stop work to raise a family telling the Deputy PM, 'ministers think they're worthless'
  • Laura Perrins tore into Deputy Prime Minister on his live radio show
  • She's furious she will be excluded from new £1,200 childcare policy
  • Former barrister, 32, gave up work to look after her two children
  • She said thousands of mothers feel betrayed by the Government
When I had kids in the 1970's we only got Child Allowance and even then people would ask why should the Tax Payer pay for someone to have children? After saying that it was not a great deal of money. Now we have all sorts of Tax breaks for women with children and the ones who are being penalised are those Mothers staying at home to look after their children most probably the most important Job a women has ever had and likely to have and for those from the chattering classes saying the father could stop at home even they must realise the bond between a mother and child is completely different.

What annoys me most is those Professional women who continually bleat about having to pay expensive child care while they earn mega money most of these choose to work and are prepared to leave their child early in the morning returning late at night, some mothers they are. Yet their are mothers who have to work to survive they are the ones who need help not the very rich professional classes who should not have children if they want a career.

This coalition has denigrated the Nuclear Family of a Married man and women caring for their children to second class citizens, a mother who does not work is considered by most political parties as lazy. All they do is to pander to their friends in the Professional Classes 

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