Saturday, August 10, 2013

A US point on Olympic Boycott

 Further to the Discussion on Olympic Boycott an email from the USA

How right you are.   First I have heard of this and do not recall Mr. Friar. (He wouldn't have no one knows him in the US)   The worst President (up until now), Jimmy Carter, a peanut farmer, decided it was a way for him to go down in history.   And down he went.   No one outside of his small  group wanted to "not go" to the Olympics.  It was his worst decision.   Most Americans hated him for it.  I had a wrestling tour group with tickets and housing,  down the drain.  No country (at least I do not recall any) ever boycotted the Olympics before that.   The Russians were hurt then and at the next Olympics (Los Angeles) which they boycotted.    Doesn't make anyone happy.   I do not think they would do it for the Happy (gay) boys.  They were appreciated more when they kept everything to themselves.   

"They were appreciated more when they kept everything to themselves" 

This is the best statement I have heard so far. Now there Militant wing seem to think they are superior to Normal People and that is what I have been saying for some time. Who cares what they do between the sheets that their business

An article appeared in the daily Mail yesterday which made a valid argument, I wonder if the Self Publicist Stephen Friar would comment on that

Why doesn't Stephen Fry call for a ban on Russian music, theatre and all performing arts?

Here are some facts and figures from Russia

   The age of consent currently stands at 16 since 2003, regardless of sexual orientation.
   Transsexual and transgender people can change their legal gender after corresponding medical procedures since 1997
   Homosexuality was officially removed from the Russian list of mental illnesses in 1999 (after endorsing .
   There is currently no legal recognition of same-sex couples in Russia, and same-sex marriages are not allowed. Public support for gay marriages is at 16% as of 2013.
   Single persons can adopt children, regardless of sexual orientation, but only married heterosexual couples can adopt children together, as a couple.

   Gay people  can serve in the military on a par with heterosexual people since 2003.

Public opinion in Russia tends to be among the most hostile toward homosexuality in the western world, and the level of intolerance has been rising.[ A 2013 survey found that 74% of Russians said homosexuality should not be accepted by society (up from 60% in 2002), compared to 16% who said that homosexuality should be accepted by society. In a 2007 survey, 68% of Russians said homosexuality is always wrong (54%) or almost always wrong  In a 2005 poll, 44% of Russians were in favor of making homosexual acts between consenting adults a criminal act; at the same time, 43% of Russians supported a legal ban on discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation. There is a visible LGBT community network, mostly in major cities like Moscow and Saint Petersburg, including nightclubs and political organizations.
Same-sex marriages are not allowed in Russia. At a press conference, head of the Moscow Registry Office Irina Muravyova declared: "Attempts by same-sex couples to marry both in Moscow and elsewhere in Russia are doomed to fail. We live in a civil society, we are guided by the federal law, [and] by the Constitution that clearly says: marriage in Russia is between a man and a woman. Such a marriage [same-sex] cannot be contracted in Russia."
The legislation passed in June amended Russia's child protection law with a clause covering "the propagandising of non-traditional sexual relations among minors". This prescribes fines for providing information about homosexuality to people under 18
Did the Electorate in the UK have a say on Same Sex Marriage? NO so who are we to complain about the democatic process in Russia.
Ask the same questions in the UK I would say the percentages would be the same with the only difference being the majority of us do not consider Homosexuality as illegal

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