Saturday, August 03, 2013

House Lords Parking

When you park in a Council Car Park the latest regulation is to put your reg number into the machine, the ticket is for your car only WHY? If I rent a parking space for a period of time why should I be restricted to my car only? Using this logic if I leave early I should be refunded some of my money. Lets be honest paying to park is a form of Tax, why should I pay any Car parking in the area where I pay Council Tax? As a Council Tax Payer I part own the Borough. So I am glad that the Conservatives Eric Pickles is trying to take to task some Councils who are behaving like Robber Barons, he will be allowing limited parking on Double Yellow Line and the latest trend where people rent out there drive ways for parking, local Councils are making people pay for planning permission just to make money, he intends topping this well done. 

I cannot abide David Cameron and the rest of his PC Brigade he seems to put the interest of  minority above the majority. Yet there are some really Good people in the Conservative Government people like Eric Pickles, Teresa May, Ian Duncan Smith, George Osbourne, Michael Gove but we could do with David Davies and Liam Fox back in Government, lets rid ourself of Cameron and his Homosexual Clique

The House of Lord really is no longer fit for purpose, let have hereditary Lords with no power just a nice title. The Lords should be an elected second chamber instead of the current situation where all the political parties give there mates a job and by all accounts paid £300 a day. Just look at some of the people appointed a load Shoe lickers and why was Stephen Lawrence's mother given an honour what she done if she deserves one why not her husband? Although I thought the investigation in this boys death was a disgrace to British Justice, I did wonder whether there was some other agenda apart from getting justice for Stephen. This was confirmed when his mother was made a Labour Peer there is no depths the Labour Party will go to

Millionaire gay fathers to sue the Church of England for not allowing them to get married in the church

  • Barrie Drewitt-Barlow said that he wants to marry partner Tony in a church
  • Said that the only way forward is to challenge the church in court
  • It is a test for Cameron's promise to the CofE and Roman Catholic bishops
  • Said that no church would be forced to conduct same-sex weddings
  • Barrie and Tony now have five children through surrogate mothers

I still do not understand what it is to be Homosexual but I see no reason for them to be harassed for having abnormal sexual habits so I have to accept Civil Partnership but NOT Marriage so this Rich Guy disgusts me, he thinks he can buy everything he has already bought Children now he want to buy a change in religion and I expect our Gay Friendly Prime  Minister will side with him. How can children be brought up in a homosexual, lesbian and Bisexual can be called normal relationship beggars belief a child needs a Mummy and Daddy not Daddy and Daddy or Mummy and Mummy

As a Roman Catholic I was pleased to hear the Pope saying that being Homosexual is not a sin but the Homosexual act is, so that is more reason why non sexual active Homosexual should not be persecuted. Yet is it equality when a minority have more rights then the majority?

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