Thursday, August 29, 2013

Eastern Europeans and Badger Protesters on Benefit


I often ask questions to our local Politicians about the amount of Eastern Europeans working in the Swale Area especially Morrison’s, each time I get the reply no there is only a few most employed in the Warehouse most are Brits? Yet when you talk to people in the town you get a different story. The latest one is that the office staff in Morrison's is mainly Polish and the Brits are treated as 2nd class. Polish is the main language spoken in the offices not English, units in other parts of the town have Eastern Europeans as floor managers discriminating against the British, on farms Agencies refusing to take on British on their books, Staff being employed on low hours ( I am told 20 )the rest made up with overtime so when times get hard they can reduce hours to a level where workers can no longer earn enough to survive. The other latest craze is for a couple of Eastern Europeans to rent a house and bring in another load of people to help pay rents and utilities etc without registering as an HMO

Of Course  it is all those lazy Brits fault they expect to work a 40 hour week on a sustainable living wage like they did 25 years ago but times have changed Employers, Banks, International Companies, Managing Directories need the money so they can make themselves even richer and what do our Masters do? tell us that every thing I have said is not true and people like me are scaremongering WELL AM I?

Number of foreigners claiming UK benefits leaps 41% in 5 years: More than 400,000 now handed payouts that cost taxpayers billions each year
    Rise fuelled by four-fold increase in benefit claims by Eastern Europeans
    Biggest number of individual claimants were from Asia and the Middle East
    Over five years total number of benefit claimants is up by more than 700,000

All those professional protesters, the cuddly animal brigade is out in force in demonstrating against the Badger Cull. These are the same people who released all the Mink into the wild, which caused mayhem amongst native wildlife in some cases changed the eco system. Do they think of the 10’s of thousands of cows being slaughtered? Do they think of the farmers being put in the scrap heap? Do they think of Farmers who have committed suicide, because they have lost their herds? Do they think of the Badgers and other wildlife affected by this disease? Do they look at the evidence of Ireland and New Zealand? The answer is No. They are too blinkered to see any other resolution to the TB crisis, then their own; in their arrogance they do not consider Human life on the same level as a Badger.

I adore badgers but we have to cull them - if only to save our hedgehogs

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