Friday, August 02, 2013

Dorset and Obama

I am in my Caravan in Dorset love the West Country but the journey was horrendous 4.5 hours to cover 140 miles. As per usual at the time of the year when traffic is at its busiest, road works start on the Motorways. Got to what I thought was the campsite only to find it was the wrong then I had the problem of turning around in a very tight area, one thing I have learnt is as my temper starts to go from bad to worse my reversing does the same. First time in Bournemouth and Boscombe very pleasant hope to visit Boscombe agiain if weather is good.

When Obama was voted in as US President I thought that was great a Black president within 50 years of emancipation of the Black Community. I made the mistake on looking at his election on racal grounds instead I should have seen just another Politician. Obama is the US answer to Tony Blair who help ruin this country, put us into massive debt, made PC all powerful, let in the immigrants and encouraged people not to work. He conned the nation into several election victories and we found him out when it was to late. This is exactly what has happened in the US with Obama and top it all he has wife like Blair who has to much influence with Government decision. Time both Countries had a Right Wing leader who looks after the interest of the majority instead of one who panders to liberal lefty minorities we still have a Prime Minister like that and he calls himself a Conservative

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