Sunday, August 11, 2013

Dorset Holiday and TOP Lobster

Well I am back from my Caravan Holiday in Dorset. Dorset is a lovely place the standard of driving is terrible it seem the local sport is to cut the caravan up and drive them into a ditch. Since the age of 15 during August I have been involved in the Summer Camp at St Marys Bay and latterly at St Martins Plain  the past two years we have been unable to use the Army Cadet Facility for reasons only known to the army. So I decided to have this years holiday in August during the dreaded School Holiday, but I managed to find an Adult only Caravan Site. Yet I never realised how crowded and expensive everything is this time of year. The Beaches were packed, on the Sunday we drove to Weymouth and on the Beach it was so packed you had a job walking to the sea

Val on the promenade Weymouth did not photograph the Beach as most looked like harpooned Whales. mind you I have room to talk see the photo below of yours truly having  an ice cream I look like Bowling Ball with a Mouth

Most probably the best Beach for us was Boscombe Bay. After a couple of days we went in land and found some nice towns and attractions. One was the Heavy Horse venue this was enjoyable and they gave a tour and then a talk. Val did not like feeding the horses  big woos

Do not get to close Val

Thats Better a Model Horse She is not frightened of that

We also visited Windborne Minister this was a marvellous Church and was quite surprised there was not more visitors. Inside was beautiful but saw a Tomb of a night and his effigy looked as he was having a rest

Windborne boast a model Village have put some pics below what about the wedding pic most impressive

We also took in the highest town in Dorset Shaftesbury lovely little town tried a Pub Lunch which had stunning views pic below with Val on her dammed phone. How long will it be before we have phones transplanted to our heads. I am now making a point of not taking it in Pubs, Restaurants etc and switching it off why do we need to be in contact with someone 24/7?

Shaftesbury had the first Women only Abby but this was torn down by Henry VIII. we had a visit to the ruins and was given tape recorder where you could hear the whole story of the Abby entry fee was only £3. As  a Catholic I like winding up the Church Wardens that there revered Churches were stolen from the Catholics, most laugh but occasionally I get a lecture

The Church at Shaftesbury was deconsecrated in the early 1960's and reconsecrated in the late 1960's, which is quite pleasing otherwise it would have been turned into a Martial Arts Dojo?

Any way was back on the Friday and on the Saturday treated Val to a meal at the Taste of Portugal. She wanted a Lobster at £24.99p that was not cheap but have a look at the pic it was certainly worth the money, I had to make do with a Kebab

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