Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Girl Guides and Secularism

The Girl Guides issue where they no longer swear allegiance to God or Country they now have to use a secular pledge In my opinion a pledge that is "All about thinking of me, myself and I - we are raising a very selfish generation" I copied this from the article.

It seems that those people who do not believe in God make rather insulting comments "Religion is believing in a Fairy Tale" "There invisible Friend" I wonder whether these vociferous comments suggest those who contribute them are actually in denial?

Below is an article on Secularism which is a far bigger danger then Islam. The evil of this militant secularism is they want to see the abolition of Christianity in fact all religions in fact they want nothing more then Self Gratification No what damage they do to others

Christian Girl Guide troop that rebelled over new secular oath back down and say they WILL use new non-religious wording
  • Yorkshire Girl Guides group refused to use secular oath
  • New oath pledges to 'develop my beliefs' instead of 'love my God'
  • Harrogate troop forced to back down due to national rules

Secular UK is losing the plot: Chief Rabbi warns society is 'breaking down through loss of faith'
  • Lord Sacks says society is failing to protect institutions such as marriage
  • Chief Rabbi insists politicians are only partly responsible for the decline
  • Claims permissive attitudes of the Sixties have left marriage in 'disarray'

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