Monday, August 05, 2013

Never buy an IPad

The IPad was most probably one of my worst buys I have ever made. I bought the IPad 2 several years ago as soon as i bought it I new it was a mistake as I hd to buy a key board for an extra £50, thinking that this load of junk was a form of Laptop. This holiday I thought I would take it with me in my caravan instead of my old Laptop to give it a further chance. It was terrible tried to download several photo programs instead of the useless one on Ipad no real joy can not get the basic Picasa one which I use on my Mac and Desktop. The touch screen causing nothing but problems. I should have brought a chap tablet and a new NoteBook/laptop. Do not waste over £400 plus on an IPad buy a cheap Tablet for under £100

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