Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jamie Oliver Is he a liar?

Yesterday Jamie Oliver had an article about how poor people in the UK waste their money stating that they would rather buy articles like Large TV. Smoking drinking and buying takeaway I had to agree with him that by cooking and using fresh veg’s etc. you can save money and eat more healthily. Yet today he states that British People are lazy because they do not want to work an 80-hour week and complain because they have to work more the 48 hours a week. Where is he coming from no one should need to work more then 40 hours a week to get a living wage, those who work 80 hours a week are a health safety nightmare. Of course he prefers Foreign Labour they are cheap and if they working these sorts of hours they are akin to slave labour and if they are working these hours I would not trust the quality of the food. He says he worked 80 hours a week on a regular basis when?  He is only 38 and worth £150 million no ways does ne do those hours. He goes on to say he worked 15 hours a day at 13 years RUBBISH and go to his 450 year old Newport Grammar School and if he did do those hours his parents should have been charged with Child cruelty! One has to ask what does he pay his staff? Jamie is one of those employers who have driven Brits on the dole because of his insistence of employing cheap foreign slave labour, so he can continue to make his Millions. I will find it distasteful to watch his programs or buy his books from now on

Why I can't rely on Brits to staff my restaurants, by Jamie: Chef attacks lazy workers and claims his empire would grind to a halt without immigrant employees
    Celebrity chef calls European immigrants 'much stronger, much tougher'
'If we didn’t have any, all of my

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