Thursday, August 08, 2013

Putin is Charge of Russia not Stephen Friar

I have always admired Stephen Friar as an Actor and Presenter, most of all he kept his sexualality private, unlike a lot of others Gay people who use there abnormal sexual behavior to promote themselves. So I was disappointed when he used his Twitter account (which I am told is the biggest in the World) to promote Same Sex Marriage now he is embroiled in trying to stop the Russian Olympics, because the Russian people do not agree with promoting Gay Sex as normal.
First of all "Who is Stephen Friar?" He is an Actor and Presenter nothing more so why is he given so much coverage by the Press and Media? It seem Celebrities especially Gay ones have to much influence, surely it about time the Press, Media and Government started listening to Joe Public not these self gratifying celebrities.

The idea of changing the venue at this late stage is ridiculous and impractical. If it did happen none of the Eastern Block countries wouldn't attend. Plus all these people protesting will not make  any difference to President Putin? NO he will harden his resolve and what of all the Athletes who have given up years of their lives to compete a chance most them will never have this oppounity again, remember there will also be a small amount of Gay People in amongst them . They will be the ones who will suffer not the likes of Stephen Fry and all his mates, they will achieve nothing but what they will gain is  lot of publicity which will help their flagging careers

I trained for the Moscow Olympics sadly I only made a reserve position but again politics took hold with many countries boycotting this Olympics for my sport of Judo it was a disaster with Japan not attending, the following Olympics was in the USA and the Eastern Block boycotted this Olympics another disaster for Judo. Now can any one of you tell me why there was a boycott? NO it proved nothing and achieved nothing all those wanting the boycott did not suffer only the Athletes suffered.

Why  is it wrong for the Russians to ban Gay Propaganda? All they are saying is that the promotion of abnormal sexual habits is not right.  Being Homosexual and lesbian is not illegal in Russia thankfully. One newspaper has mentioned that if an athlete stood on a rostrum and claimed they were Gay etc they would be arrested? why should they do this would  normal sex person stand up and say I am Straight? I run a Judo Club and have never asked what sexual orientation or religion my pupils are and why should I, Gay Militants expect extra rights for their like, time they realize they are no more equal then the rest of us. Gays have to much power for a minority of just 1.5% according the the government census

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