Sunday, August 04, 2013

Down with Christians-I do not want to pay for other people Kids-Keep Profiling

Christians are fast becoming the persecuted majority in this Country but all the Abrahamic religions ie Christians, Jews and Moslems need to be concerned because the evil despot secularists will soon have us all banned.

Christians lose out to atheists for senior jobs as religious people are 'held back from top positions'
Claims made that Christians are missing out on top jobs due to their faith
The number of Christians in England and Wales falls by 4million in 10 years (How  many non christian immigrants have we hd the country in those 10 years more then 4 million I wager)
Economist says Christians are less 'hard working' than Jews and HindusRead more: Follow us: @MailOnline ou are layn Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Why should I pay for someone else's kids to be looked after? If we going give families money for having children it should be given to all children at least a non working mother is putting her kids first before work and if you can not afford kids why have them? You will soon see the birth rate drop when we get rid of Immigrants and make every single teenage mother live in a hostel rather then sponging of the Tax payer and getting a house or flat

Families with two working parents to be given £1,500 per child to help with care... even if they bring home £150,000
Online voucher system expected to benefit about 2.5m householdsEven two parents who earn £150,000 a year each will get paymentsBut plan has been criticised as an 'insult' to stay-at-home mothers
Read more: Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

Tory minister hits out at Stephen Lawrence's mother after she claims immigration checks are based on race
Baroness Lawrence said she thought 'racial profiling' was being used
But Immigration Minister Mark Harper insists they are not 'random'Equality and Human Rights Commission to investigate the checks

The checks are likely to be aimed at non white people given a large of amount of illegal immigrants are from Africa & the sub Asian continents. This is not racist just fact. If these people aren't stopped how will we ever get rid of them? Her comments are frankly ridiculous & whilst what happened her son was terrible she has no business involving herself in immigration issues.- Now A Minority , A Place Formally Known As England, 04/8/2013 09:10Click to rate     Rating   582 Report abuse

Baroness Lawrence should remember that it was racial profiling that tracked down her sons killers.- Russell , colchester, United Kingdom, 04/8/2013 09:08Click to rate     Rating   625 Report abuse

So racial is race and immigrants are another race, then racial profiling is common sense and not racist. More garbage accusations from the left who will fully flooded this country with immigrants- Max , Oldham, 04/8/2013 09:07

Who is Doreen Lawrence? The mother of a Murder Victim and thats it  

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