Friday, August 23, 2013

Have you missed me

While on Holiday in Germany I had to rely on my phone to access the internet I managed to get a good deal with 3 at £5 a day expensive it was unlimited downloads but it would not let me tether to my IPad. That is the reason you have not been bored with my blogs for the last week but I will make up for it

Can someone tell me why Stephen Fry or Ian Mckellen both homosexual actors who have been complaining about the Russian Olympics, been given access to the Prime Minister David Cameron? What makes them any difference to me or any of you? Cameron and Blair seem to have  obsession with Celebrities and the gay minority both should start to listen to the ordinary voter but then again we are not millionaires  with millionaire life style like those  mentioned above.

Also the Brazilian guy who was stopped at the Aeroport for carrying leaked documents abroad for his Gay boyfriend who worked for the Guardian (who else) has caused a big rumbas WHY? he was knowingly carrying stolen property (leaked is just a journalistic term for stolen), he then gave up the documents because he he was threatened with prison well what do you expect when you are in possession of stolen goods? The left wing Guardian does not care about the security of this country nor he safety of the British Public all they are interested in selling their newspaper and pedaling their own self centered ideology  

One piece of good news in the Humanist Group (who ever they are) have complained that there are many schools not promoting Homosexuallaity Hurrah but do not cheer to much the Pink Mafia and this Pro Gay anti Religion Government will soon stop them. Interestingly enough these people say that it is the democratic right for students to taught that Gay relationship is the same as normal sexed people and is a legal requirement, yet people who oppose this idea are not allowed to promote the fact that being Gay is abnormal  and Gay Marriage is wrong. It seems equality is for the Gay Community only.

I am 63 and when I was in my teens it was quite normal for Homos to be beaten up, blackmailed and not be employed at the time time I said what difference does it make when it comes to doing a job what you do in your bedroom, it should be the best person for the job as for queer bashing there is nothing brave or hard about a gang beating up one man. So it was only right being homosexual should be legalized and if a bloke wants to live with another man and share their income etc they should have some protection in Law so a civil partnership was devised. Yet now the pendulum has swung the other way Gays (as Homosexuals are now called) have more rights then us normal people or should I say hetrosexuals. They have positive discrimination in all aspects of the work place, they have extraordinary influence with in Government with the Prime Minister meeting Gay activists, the promotion of Gay life and activities has become an obsession with TV soaps and the film industry. The reality is that  people like me were tolerant of the rights of individual have come to realize is the Gay Movement are Political Activists so there fore they should be treated as a Political Party they already have their own flag and rallies which they call GAY PRIDE this where they parade all the various deviant sexual  behavior and costumes. It is time the Militant Gay Activities put themselves up for Parliament, Councils etc because the electorate were never asked about most of the laws on Gay Rights a prime example is Gay Marriage not one political party mentioned this in their manifesto. Democracy in the UK is a joke, time for a rethink where the voice of the people is heard again time to rid us of the Professional Political Elite in all parties

I hope our troops do not get involved in any Military Action in Syria or Egypt neither Countries problems are our business but I expect some Professional Do Gooders will say that it is our responsibility to protect these countries Human Rights NO! The UN is responsible and so are those Arab Countries who are their neighbours. Plus who would you support in Syria the so called rebels are backed by Al-Qaeda  and the Taliban, the Syrian Government ha always been anti British. Who ever we would support would eventually turn on us and become our enemy. The British Armed Forces are their to protect the British people and British interests not to be the Worlds Police Force.   

I wrote this beginning of last week bit out of date but worth a mention

I have always admired Stephen Fry as an Actor and Presenter, most of all he kept his sexualality private, unlike a lot of others Gay people who use there abnormal sexual behavior to promote themselves. So I was disappointed when he used his Twitter account (which I am told is the biggest in the World) to promote Same Sex Marriage now he is embroiled in trying to stop the Russian Olympics, because the Russian people do not agree with promoting Gay Sex as normal.

First of all "Who is Stephen Friar?" He is an Actor and Presenter nothing more so why is he given so much coverage by the Press and Media? It seem Celebrities especially Gay ones have to much influence, surely it about time the Press, Media and Government started listening to Joe Public not these self gratifying celebrities.

The idea of changing the venue at this late is ridiculous and impractical. If it did happen none of the Eastern Block countries would attend. Plus all these people protesting will make no difference to President Putin,  he will harden his resolve and what of all the Athletes who have given up years of their lives to compete a chance most them will never have again, remember there will also be a small amount of Gay People in amongst them . They will be the ones who will suffer not the likes of Stephen Fry and al his mates, they will achieve nothing but what they will gain is  lot of publicity which will help their flagging careers

Why  is it wrong for the Russians to ban Gay Propaganda? All they are saying that the promotion of abnormal sexual habits is not right.  Being Homosexual and lesbian is not illegal in Russia thankfully. One newspaper has mentioned that if an athlete stood on a rostrum and claimed they were Gay etc they would be arrested? why should they do this would  normal sex person stand up and say I am Straight? I run a Judo Club and have never asked what sexual orientation or religion my pupils are and why should I. Gays have to much power for a minority of just 1.5% according the the government census

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