Friday, August 02, 2013

Is USA becoming England

 I Hope Cameron, Clegg, Milliband an all other Politicians who continue to ruin this country read this

  • From Sunlight to Darkness: The Tragedy of Britain

    Written on Tuesday, July 30, 2013 by 
    Historians and pundits alike, when pontificating the future of America, often ask “Are we Rome?” And while it certainly is a question of great validity and worthy of somber contemplation, there is another analysis to consider: Is America England?

    In any objective assessment, England is deeply depressing. It’s architectural magnificence, in and around London, and its Cotswold beauty notwithstanding, it is a sight for sore eyes. A balkanized nation, where even the flight of the Union Jack, is perceived provocative. Indeed, the absence of the British flag is most apparent. Patriotism is deeply suspect and relativism embraced, with disastrous consequences to morale.
    A poisonous, envious and inert society, deeply divided, and attached to government welfare dialysis. It’s net effect is to provide a steady income to those that do little other than spend their day hatching terror plots against it, and America, or any other Western target. Sharia law has legal recognition in the United Kingdom. A soldier is brutally killed in broad daylight in the streets of South London, for being a soldier.
    A Western country where political correctness has become so ingrained, politically correct opinion is now an instinctive response, presumed entirely normal. Laws so draconian, and freedom so suppressed, it would make the average American recoil in horror. England is truly not far from having its individuals land in trouble just for looking at someone the wrong way. It has become afraid of itself, and has turned everyone to “victimhood”.
    Perhaps the only bright spot of modern day Britain is its brave armed forces, the last remaining vestige of British prestige and honor.
    And yet it was Britain that intellectually bequeathed to the world the fundamentals of free society and free economy. It was Britain that controlled the world’s seas. It was Britain that began the industrial revolution. Half the world was under British rule. It was Britain that caused men to declare that they always wore sunglasses because the sun never sets on the British empire.
    It was mighty. And its decline until today (only up-ticked for a decade during Margaret Thatcher’s rein), is tragic beyond comprehension.
    Either you limit the government, or the government limits you. Either you exercise fidelity to your principles and heritage or you end up standing for anything. Either you cultivate a sense of pride and patriotism in your people or you allow anything.
    It is time for Britain to rebuke the collectivist, egalitarian oppression of the individual manufactured by socialism. But most importantly, it’s time for America to take heed of the British story. It is a foreboding tale.

Martin Clarke
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