Friday, October 24, 2014

Clark-Milliband-Clegg British Traitors

 Here we have an unelected body telling us we have to pay more for their lavish styles and we have slime like Ken Clark, Clegg and Milliband refusing us a Referendum. Are we to believe a poll taken by the Evening Standard in London is what the British People want? My personal opinion is those who want to stay in Europe are Unites States of Europe Patriots but they are British Traitors.

£20 billion is roughly what the UK government and households paid to EU institutions in 2012: these include payments to the central EU budget as well as customs duties and agricultural levies.
But the UK gets some of that money back, some through the rebate which reduces the UK’s contributions to the EU Budget, and some through the Agricultural Guarantee Fund to farmers. That was worth as much as £8 billion in 2012.
So on balance, the UK’s contributions to the EU amount to some £12 billion a year or about £33 million a day.

'Tell them to stick it where the sun doesn't shine, Mr Cameron!': Outrage over EU's 'illegal' demand for an EXTRA £1.7billion from Britain - that's £56 for EVERY taxpayer in the UK 

  • David Cameron under pressure to refuse to pay extraordinary bill
  • European Union has demanded an extra £1.7billion from the UK 
  • Eurosceptic Tory MPs condemn 'illegal' raid on British taxpayers  
  • The bill, due on December 1, is the result of Britain's fast pace of growth
  • But France will receive £790m rebate because its economy is struggling 

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Support for staying IN the European Union surges to a 23-year high... all thanks to the rise of Ukip

  • 56% say they will vote to stay in, with 36% wanting to leave the EU
  • Highest level of support for EU since 1991, according to IpsosMORI poll
  • Since 2012 support for Ukip is up 13 points, but for EU backing is up 12
  • Conservative Eurosceptic MPs warn Ukip is damaging their cause
  • Cameron has promised to claw powers back and hold in-out referendum
  • Blow as Juncker calls to make EU immigration to Britain easier

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