Sunday, October 05, 2014

Speech and ECHR

I am not a fan of David Cameron but have to admit he gave a cracking speech at the Tory Conference and made me start to believe in the Conservative Party again. I still believe that UKIP can see us get a Labour Government, what UKIP needs to do is to concentrate on beating Labour and LibDems. The UKIP have no chance of making a Government and it is only the Conservatives who will give us a referendum on the EU.

One thing I agree with is us leaving the European Court of Human Rights and having our own British Human Rights. If you listen to some of those pro europeans like Ken Clark you would think that if we withdraw from the ECHR human rights would no longer exist and we cannot survive without Europe. Yet Canada and Australia have their own Human Rights and you can not say they are not civilised countries, remember the ECHR cost the UK £42 billion. Of course the Human Rights Lawyers say it is only a very small proportion of Judgements that effect the UK, you know when terrorists, murderers etc can not be kicked out of the UK and are then given million of pounds in compensation. These Human Rights Lawyers will want us to stay in the ECHR because they make millions of pounds from it, they disgust me  

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