Friday, October 10, 2014

I feel strange about UKIP win

UKIP win a Tory Seat and nearly win a Labour seat, I feel strange about this. One part of me says GREAT this country needs a shake up YET another side says we will no doubt have a Labour Government and No referendum. The latter is the worst thing that can happen. The Economy will Fail, UK will get into even more debt, Immigration will be out of control, More powers will be given to the EU.

So what is the answer:

1) People come to their senses in LibDem and Labour areas they vote UKIP and in Conservatives areas we will all vote Conservative. Will this happen NO!
2) UKIP and Conservatives come to an agreement on which constituencies to put up candidates > Will this happen NO? Why? because those in charge of UKIP and the Conservatives are to pig headed, the Conservatives think they can still win with another dreadful Coalition and UKIP think they will win enough seats to influence a future Government and that will not happen

Once again I say if because of UKIP we get a Labour the people of GB will never forgive them

After all what OI have said Nigel Farage does says things the rest of us think, I refer to the comment where people with Aids should not be allowed into this country A sensible thing to say I would have thought BUT know the left media and press are slating. So their logic is let everyone from Africa with EBOLA. Sometimes these left wingers and do gooders have their brains in their backsides

Farage calls for ban on immigrants with 'life-threatening illnesses'... hours after being urged to show 'compassion' by new MP (whose father inspired Hollywood with treatment of HIV in Africa)

  • Farage says Britain should not accept immigrants with HIV or tuberculosis
  • Call comes hours after party's new MP urged Farage to show compassion
  • Carswell's father diagnosed the first confirmed cases of HIV/AIDS in Uganda
  • Wilson Carswell inspired 'Dr Garrigan' in 'The Last King of Scotland' film
  • A bill forcing immigrants to prove they didn't have HIV was defeated this year
  • HIV charities attacked Farage and said ban has 'no impact on epidemic'

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