Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Grantchester and Cottaging

I have started watching the new TV series called GRANTCHESTER, which I enjoy. It seems to be very similar to Father Brown the main difference is that Father Brown was a Roman Catholic and a near Tea Total while this one is Protestant Vicar who likes a drink.  As expected it was not long before we got a story about Homosexuals and how good they were and how wicked us normal sexed people were. This story revolved around two men Cottageing with one getting murdered. Cottageing is the use of toilets for Homosexuals to have sex, the word was made famous from a Radio series “Around The Horn” where they had two camp men call Julian and Sandy, this was a very funny programme. Kenneth Williams played Julian and they would always start their sketch “Hello my name Julian and this is my friend Sandy” What is with TV nearly every programme you see has a Homosexual or Gay story line and it seems it is compulsory to have lesbian or homosexuals as presenters. People like Peter Tatchell make a living out of being a Gay Activist and Homosexual like Stephen Fry have rejuvenated his career by becoming a Homosexual Activist and his addiction to cocaine mentioned in his book has also helped him find celebrity notoriety.
After watching this I tuned into a programme of the 1960’s this week it featured the music of that era, this brought memories of the time most of them good I have to admit but it also made me realise how many things have changed for the better. When I was 18 it was still common for people to go queer bashing, Homosexuals being blackmailed, Homosexuals being refused jobs because of whom they wanted to sleep with, Homosexuality was illegal and you could be imprisoned for being queer. Although I could not understand why a man would want to sleep with another man, I also could not understand what it had to do with him doing his job? Or why they had to be imprisoned? Or why they needed to be beaten up? Would that cure them? NO. So when they legalised Homosexuality I thought good job to, when they brought laws in against discrimination I thought good job, do not forget it was not just Homosexuals who were discriminated against it was also Ethnic minorities, Jews, Catholics and disabled. I even agreed with Civil Partnership (Not Marriage) I thought if people want to spend their lives together they should have protection under law.
Then things started to go wrong, we started to get Government apologies for things that our country had done hundreds of years, the one that comes to mind is the apology for Slavery, the assumption was that every White Brit was responsible for slavery and should have apologised. How can any person or government apologise for things that happen before they were born ridiculous, what is more ridiculous they forgot to mention British Fore fathers were the first to ban Slavery, they also forgot most of the slaves brought to the USA were caught and sold by fellow Africans and Arabs. The tragedy is that Slavery still exists. This was the start of the Mea Culpa era and when complete liberalisation took hold and minorities and minority views became mainstream.

The pendulum has swung in the opposite direction Positive Discrimination is now the IN word this where Ethnic Minorities, Homosexuals, Lesbians and women get preferential treatment when it comes to jobs! In the past yes they were discriminated against and people like me would say  “lets have the best person for the job” that has not happened its is the White Male who is now discriminated against. We have political parties wanting all female short-lists how is this fair? I could not careless if the whole of the Parliament was made up of Female Lesbians as long as they can do the job and are the best person for the job. Every Homosexual. Lesbian, Ethnic and women in a high-powered job are tainted by Positive Discrimination and I would suggest that organisation do not have the best people at the top and results are showing that.

The Government has changed marriage and adoption was the Electorate asked if we were in agreement with Same Sex Marriage NO, were we in agreement with same sex couple, single people adopting NO. The liberal attitude to sex and three promotion of sex and abnormal sexual behaviour to children as young as 5 has led to am explosion sexually related diseases, an explosion in single parents many of them under 16.

All these things have been done suit a Social Liberal elite who are distant from the populace and for minority groups Ethnic Minorities are just 14% of the population Homosexual, Lesbian and Bisexual are just 1.5% of the population. What I can not understand is why women are getting preferential treatment Females in UK are about 51% just over 32 million with that amount of power they have the whip hand, they could vote in an all Female Parliament but women think like me they want the best person for the Job and that may not be a women

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