Thursday, October 16, 2014

Tribute to Armed Forces

This clip is from the USA but can apply to our Armed Forces as well. If you do not have a tear in your eye after watching this I will be surprised.

Now read the following item about how so called hard done by STUDENTS
 Maybe they should all have a stint in the Forces

National Union of Students refuses to condemn ISIS due to fears it would be 'Islamophobic' 

  • Student had put forward motion calling for condemnation of ISIS atrocities
  • Also called on National Union of Students to pledge support for Iraqi people
  • Motion defeated after rebellion led by Black Students Officer Malia Bouattia
  • She said motion raised at meeting was merely a 'justification for war' 
  • Ms Bouattia has vowed to start work on revised motion which will not be 'Islamophobic'
  • Daniel Cooper, who proposed motion, said he could see no signs of Islamophobia 
  • Debate raised National Executive Council meeting of the NUS in September 

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