Thursday, October 30, 2014

SNP and EU

Below are articles on Immigration, the interesting point made is that Britain will never be able to control its borders while it stays in the EU. Yet as I have said in previous blogs the Pro EU will spend Billions and lie to try and convince us that we should stay in the EU. SNP Leader Nicola Sturgeon made their first step of this, she said if GB has a referendum on EU, there should be two referendum. First for all the UK would be asked then each of the Home Countries should have a referendum and if anyone country disagrees with the outcome of the referendum then the result would be invalid.  So there is about 65 Million people in the UK, 5 million of them are in Scotland. So if Nicola Sturgeon has her way we could have a situation where 40 million could vote to come out of the EU but Scotland could have 3 million people who want to stay in the EU if she has her way we would be refused the wishes of the Majority. Now you tell me she has not been put to this by the EU?

Britain an El Dorado for migrants: Mayor of Calais blames our generous benefits for luring thousands to Channel ports 
·       Natacha Bouchart in Parliament amid growing illegal immigration concerns
·       France has announced plans for a new centre for migrants in Calais
·       Fears raised new centre will become another Sangatte attracting migrants
·       The number of migrants in Calais is now 2,300 – up from 1,500 in August
·       Violent clashes between rival migrant gangs an almost daily occurrence
·       Mrs Bouchart: 'What Britain is offering is understood around the world'
·       She said the UK was thought of as an 'Eldorado' among immigrants

Britain will NEVER be able to 'entirely' control its borders while it stays in the European Union, admits Tory minister
·       Nick Boles said UK would 'never be able to control' immigration entirely
·       He said freedom of movement was a 'fundamental principle of the EU'
·       Remarks blow a hole in David Cameron's pledge overhaul EU migration

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