Monday, October 27, 2014

Same sex Marriage -European Arrest Warrant

UK government has removed sexual consummation from marriage law to allow unnatural marriage i.e. Same sex Marriage
So we are told that same sex marriage is about equality well I challenge that. If we want true equality in marriage why do we not recognise Polygamy? If it is about equality why does the law state that you cannot marry a direct blood relative?
The latter makes perfect sense when it comes to a man and women because of the danger of producing deformed children and this has been the case for Hundreds of years.
Yet why can members of the family who are of the same sex not marry?
You may say this is stupid but is it a married partner can get the benefits of the diseased pension and inheritance tax is not applicable to the spouse of someone deceased etc. So if I died everything goes to my wife without no tax if she could marry my daughter the money could be left to her and so on and so on.
With the Government and some of the weird Churches changing the whole concept of marriage are my ideas so stupid?

Read the article about a man arrested because when asked to remove his shoes he said why I am not a Moslem and then read the article about the Government wanting us to sign up for a European arrest warrant. This where a policeman from the continent can come over to the UK arrest a UK subject take them back to their country with out even telling them why they have been arrested

Ordeal of OAP who quipped 'I'm not Muslim' at airport security after he was stopped: Man spends six months facing racism charges before case is finally dropped

·       Paul Griffith was stopped at Stansted airport on his way to Malaga 
·       The 75-year-old was asked to take his shoes off before he made the remark 
·       Airport staff called police and on his return from Spain he was arrested 
·       But 24 hours before appearing in court the CPS dropped all charges  

Britain will become a haven for Europe's rapists, murderers and child molesters without EU arrest warrant, Tories warn
·       Home Secretary Theresa May says UK would be a 'honeypot' for criminals
·       Tory MP Damian Green warns against axing arrest warrant as 'sop' to Ukip
·       Critics say it makes it too easy to extradite Britons to other parts of Europe


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