Saturday, October 04, 2014

Last Caravan Trip

Valerie at Oulton Broads

Summer is over so I decided to have my last Caravan break in Norfolk and after the stress of the Presidents Cup I needed the break. I staid at Haven Holiday Camp Caister, this was one one of the best sites I have been on and I can recommend it to anyone. Indoor swimming pool, marvellous entertainment area and plenty of entertainment especially for Kids, that is why I would never come at peak holiday time. Norfolk Broads is a brilliant area

Mind you it seems the gremlins has attacked me on this trip, the most important thing when caravanning for me is the TV, so you can imagine my distress when the TV had broken down. So I sent of in a panic to buy another one which cost £99, set the expensive caravan satnav to return and that had given up the ghost, no worries I had a spare TOM TOM. The following day I tried to use the Tom Tom and that also had broken down a very expensive last caravan trip for 2014



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