Sunday, October 19, 2014

Its Sunday Lot to moan about

I have recently returned from Norfolk while there I went into this very nice Hotel at Dinner time for something to eat  and there was a wedding in progress. Now the Guys were dressed in morning suits and looked vey smart yet the women seem to have no idea how to dress. The majority of them were fat and wearing clothes for someone who was 7 stone lighter, short skits, Breast popping out, high heel shoes etc , then there were the women who were I their fifties who were in good shape but thought they could dress like an 18 year old. Doesn’t anyone close to them tell them how bad the Look?

Yet the following day I am in a resort and this time it was elderly men with massive Beer bellies wearing shorts and T-shirts thinking they are the bees knees. No I do not like getting old in fact I hate it but I will not hide my age by trying to dress 30 years younger then I am

Do all those people on Mobility Scooters really need them because they are becoming a pain  as with Push Bikes on the pavement. Some clever clog from the Olympic Cycling Team suggested that every fat person should be given a bike to lose weight?  What a crazy stupid expensive notion how about fat people being responsible for them themselves. Let them Diet and go on long walks that cost the tax payer nothing, the reason in most cases they are fat is they eat to much and are lazy

Gay people have always been welcome in the Church but gay sex is the problem, as is fornication and adultery. These are serious sins which exclude people from receiving the Eucharist. The Catholic Church can only ever recognise sexual relations in a marriage between a man and a woman as being legitimate. Anything else is off the agenda, like it or not. Sorry if you have a problem with it but that's the way it is. If people were well-instructed in the Catholic Tradition and the Scriptures, they would understand, but unfortunately very few people are nowadays. Just saying.....

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The comment from the DM explains the RC attitude to this problem. I personally do not care what people do in their own house as long as they are not hurting people BUT if you wish to be RC you abide by the rules. The main problem I have is that Militant Gays do not just want to be recognised they want extra power and I use the word power deliberately. So we have to watch the creeping affect if you recognise Gay Partnership/Gay Weddings what is next Polygamy, Bisexual relationships, incest I can go on .  I once talked to Roger Moate MP about the House of Lords and his reply “If you have a woollen jumper and you see a loose thread, you can leave it or pull it, if you pull it the whole jumper will come apart”  IS GAY MARRIAGE THAT LOOSE THREAD

Can you believe in this day and age we still have slavery UNBELIEVABLE

'They said they'd murder me if I left': Beaten and starved, 40-year-old man kept as a slave in 'concentration camp' conditions FINALLY sees his captors brought to justice
·       Man, 40, lured into slavery by predatory husband and wife team
·       Was promised work and pay but was assaulted and threatened
·       Victim was one of 24 slaves held by Tommy Connors, who is now in jail
·       The man escaped and told authorities of his ordeal - leading to convictions
·       As many as 6,000 people are thought to be held as slaves in the UK
·       Government has drafted new laws to bring in tougher sentences for slavers

Can you believe this Cameron NO! Too little to late, if we ever get a referendum which looks unlikely with a potential Labour Government in the wings, you will find the Pro EU Traitors will have Billions given to them by the EU, they will lie, falsify figures to convince people to Vote to stay in the EU NO? Well they the Pro United Kingdom Lobby did not do a bad job in Scotland using scaremongering techniques and the EU will use the same.How can you trust an organisation that can not balance its book if you were a company you would face Criminal charges

Auditors refuse to give EU accounts a clean bill of health for 19th year in a row as rate of unexplained spending rises 23%... with UK liable for £800m
·       European Union spent nearly £6billion in 'error' last year
·       Rural spending was the worst area with £1billion wasted
·       British taxpayers will be liable for more than £800million

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