Monday, October 06, 2014

Nick Clegg Vince Cable

I have just listened to the Millionaire LibDem Leader Nick Clegg who now says he agrees with a Referendum on the EU as long as a new Treaty he went on to say that in GB we do not have referendums every 5 minutes. Well Mr Rich Man Clegg the last time we had a referendum on Europe was January 22nd 1972 when he was 5 years old.

That other fool Vince Cable (remember him from the Post Office fiasco) now tell us Immigration is good for the country and we need more immigration. He goes on to say the British Public do not understand about immigration and they will build 5 new Towns between Oxford and Cambridge, now guess where a lot of immigrants work and live? Yes Cambridge and East Anglia so we are going to have 5 news Towns for immigrants.

It has been reported that LibDems MP's could drop from 60 to 30 after the next election BUT they could still be be in Government with either Conservative or Labour. Now how can that be a democratic system? When a party who the majority of the country do not want can be in government. Our present Electoral system elects government which the majority of the people do not vote for. Once again the fairest electoral system is to make it compulsory for people to vote and if any candidate in an election does not get 50% of the Vote the top two go back for election, this way your MP will get the majority vote

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