Sunday, March 01, 2015

Replacement Knee

Tomorrow Monday will be 3 weeks since my Replacement knee operation; I now have both knees replaced. The first was done by the NHS and was an excellent job but that was 10 years ago since then the administration by the NHS trusts has slipped to an all time low through nobody else’s fault but their own. I was told in September my operation would be January, which I made my plans round only to be told I would have to wait till July. So I had no other choice but to go private i.e. Spire Alexander at a cost of £10.500 and what are the lefties answer to the situation?  chuck more money at it. If the NHS were a computer you would shut down and re-boot

My last knee operation was painful but within 8 days I was walking without crutches this time it is completely different. After 3 weeks I still need a crutch if I am to walk any distance plus this time I had many side effects. Having to use the toilet every 45 minutes this lasted about 5 days, a bladder infection, my diabetes is all over the place plus the pain lasted a lot longer but the worse thing was not being able to sleep, the longest sleep I have had was 3 hours. So I am always tired and depressed but as my son said I am 10 years older and now have diabetes and I should expect different things when the body changes. In the long term I will be thankful having the operation the last one I had changed my life completely. Although my competitive career has finished I still have that competitive spirit so walking without sticks will only be few days away.

I did not write this article for sympathy it was meant to be for those are having the operation to be prepared

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