Monday, March 02, 2015

EU Propagander and Lesbians

Some Months ago I wrote an article on my Blog that IF and that is a big IF we get a Referendum on the EU, they the EU will bombard us with Propaganda and Lies to make us vote to stay in. Well read below and you will how this campaign has already started with the help of the Pro EU BBC

The continual assault by the LBGT propaganda machine is gathering momentum I am not sure what their membership is but the latest Government survey tells us that only 1.6% of the population are LBGT yet there influence for a minority group is powerful beyond belief, Nearly every new programme on TV has a Gay sub plot and now we they are introducing Lesbian and Transgender plots. In the latest series of “Call the Mid wife” we have two Lesbians the interesting thing about this story line is they try and compare it with Homosexuals who sexual act was illegal in the 1950’s. It has never been illegal to be a Lesbian; it also interesting that one of them says to another I wish I could marry you. This concept would never have been thought of in the 1950’s all this does is to try influence the audience into thinking the same sex marriage was an issue in the 1950’s.
Next East Enders now want introduce a transgender people into the Soap to bring reality to the programme. Well if they want reality they should change the format of the programme and the caste, which is mainly white, this is no longer the case in the East End. The caste of East Enders represents the 1960/70’s

I do not watch any of the soaps my only downfall I listen to the Archers and even that has a Homosexual sub plot. Now I maybe odd but I do not have any LBGT friends not because I avoid them it is simply in the circles I move there is none or maybe its because I do not go around asking are you LBGT?  I have travelled the world doing Judo, Sambo, Jiu-jitsu and I suppose there must be some of those I have met that have unusual sexual habits but I believe what they do between the sheets is their business


Brussels cash for BBC film... about 'disaster' of the EU breaking up: Money will be used to translate mock documentary to be shown in other member states
·       The Great European Disaster Movie showed a vision of future if EU ended
·       It warned a break up would have ‘catastrophic consequences for all of us’
·       But it emerged the production company had received EU funding for film
·       Funds will be used to translate it to be shown in various member states

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