Monday, March 09, 2015

Knee 3 days without food

My Knee infection is on the mend so hopefully I will be out today

While I was in this Private Hospital I noticed how organised the staff has to be, several times a day you are given medication, have blood sugar checked, Blood pressure checked etc over a 24 hour period winch the staff at Spire Alexander done perfectly. As I have mentioned I went private at a cost of £10,500 because once again the NHS cocked up, they promised me Knee replacement in January this was changed to July. I had made arrangements for 2015 especially in my position as President of BSF, I obviously was annoyed after paying income tax and National Insurance since I was 15.
Did I do the right thing YES especially as I got an infection and the response I got was immediate would that happened in the NHS NO.

Left wing organisation such as 38 Degrees keep bleating on how the NHS is in turmoil all because we do not pour enough money into it they want to return to a Marxist system Yet the main thing with the NHS is its in adequacies in organisation ability. There has been many examples in the press recently but let me give you just two examples:

  1. A friend of mine relation was very fat (oops sorry Obese) she went to her local Doctor about a problem she had and was told nothing could be done until she lost weight if she did not lose weight she would be dead by the time she was 40. Which due credit to her in short period of time she lost 9 stone, she then had to have a visit to a hospital for examination for another problem. Like me she was told there were some complication and she was admitted into hospital. After 3 days a new ward sister (what ever they are called today) asked how she was? She replied when am I allowed to eat? She had not eaten for 3 days it seems nobody had registered her for meals and she thought it was something to do with her treatment. Now this had nothing to with money or privatisation it was all to inadequate care and supervision of staff, one must wonder how many Doctors, Nurses had passed her bed and no one had thought to ask basic caring questions. I expect my article will get bad revenues and people will start saying everyone in the NHS is over worked and I am a horrible man for complaining BUT how can anyone justify what has happened to this women.
  2. Some time ago a friend of mine was admitted into Hospital he had to have rebore on his John Thomas (penis) I went to visit him and No I did not asked to see his operation. He had the same problem he had to ask for his meals as he had not been registered. While there a Tea Lady came round and offered my friend a cup of tea, I asked could I have one? The answer was a very curt NO. She then told me in a rather authoritarian manner that the NHS could not afford to give any Tom Dick and Harry Tea. This what I feel symbolises the NHS in that they are quite prepared to save pennies but those at the top do not want to save the pounds

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