Saturday, March 07, 2015

Infected Knee

When I had my first knee replacement I was walking without crutches with in 8 days. How different this replacement is 4 weeks later back in hospital. My knee became inflamed so I visited the surgeon last Monday to be told that only 1% of knee operations end up this way so I am unusual. So what to do ? Well it seems if the infection has gone deep I would have to have the knee removed replaced with a Block for 8 to 10 weeks to get rid of infection, then have another knee replacement. They took various blood samples and I had to return on the Friday, those 4 days of waiting were the worst time in my life and I returned to using my Rosary and praying to Mum and Dad. Friday came and I resigned myself to the worst but it seems my prayers were answered. The blood test came back and yes there was an infection but the second blood test showed a significant drop. So as as private patient I was taken straight to surgery where they tried to aspirate some fluid to test for infection which proved negative Thank God. It seems the infection is superficial but there was still some concern, so I am now in hospital for up to 3 days having massive amount of antibiotics being poured into me intro-venally every 6 hours for up to 72 hours. So you can imagine having antibiotics at 1.30 am taking an hour to drain through and then being woken a 6.30am I am a very tired man. Whats worse is the boredom there is only so much day time TV you can watch. I since found out that being diabetic did not help matters as diabetics do not heal well.

Any rate hopefully out Monday maybe on a crutch for a little while longer but I will get there in the end 

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