Tuesday, March 10, 2015

This man should not be a Father

I totally disagree with Gay Marriage and I disagree with Gays adopting children but I also disagree with single people of any sexual orientation adopting children because I believe that children are best brought up with a Mum and Dad. Below is an article by Amanda Platell it is certainly worth a read but for those who do not have the time to read in all I have taken certain pieces out which are relavent

Sorry, this man DOESN'T have a right to be a
 dad: It's a deeply emotive subject. But
 AMANDA PLATELL, who knows the agony of being childless, gives her personal view of
 the man who used his own mum as a surrogate
What is so disturbing is Kyle's sense of entitlement. Why should his 'right to be a parent' be inalienable? What about the rights of an unborn child and its future happiness?
Just imagine the effect on the poor little kid when Kyle one day explains to his son the unique 'family' arrangement into which he has been born. 'So you see, Miles,' dad will explain, 'you're not only my son, you were my brother too. And as for granny, she's also your mum.'
Becoming a parent comes with profound and arduous responsibilities. A baby is not something to be bought like a designer handbag or a comfy companion to enhance one's lonely life. That's what Battersea Dogs & Cats Home is for.
Academic research has overwhelmingly demonstrated that children brought up in a happy marriage by both their biological parents tend to do better in every way than those who aren't.
Yet over the decades, bit by bit, we have unpicked the institution of marriage to suit the convenience of individuals and their 'rights'.
Under attack by feminists, minority groups, divorce lawyers, 'progressive' politicians and all manner of other self-interested parties, marriage is so degraded that it is no longer regarded as a bedrock of society.
The combination of this vandalism with the great strides in IVF and the science of fertility has pushed us further and further into the unknown, as ethical and moral considerations are brushed aside where the family is concerned, along with self-restraint.
We have opened a Pandora's box in which people make demands for babies without considering the effect of unconventional family arrangements on the child.
In the past, it seems that ethical dilemmas posed by such 'progress' would have been the subject of lengthy consideration and Parliamentary debate. Yet in our modern-day free-for-all, precedents have been broken without any of us hearing about it.
But as I have said, all the recent research shows that children have the best life outcomes if they are raised by two parents in a traditional marriage, with a mother and father. And the farther away from that ideal we move, the more risk to the child it inevitably entails.
The conclusion of a study by the Centre For Family Research in 2013 was that surrogate-born children were more likely to suffer from behavioural and emotional problems, and depression, than those carried by their biological mother.
They struggle to cope with the idea that they were carried by a woman other than their mother.

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