Thursday, March 19, 2015

Obama Video-Votes at 16-Apes-Brits in Ukraine

Have a look at Youtube then exchange the word Obama for Milliband and thats what we will get if he becomes Prime  Minister with the help of the SNP

The Today Programme had some School Girl interviewing 16 year olds in Scotland about getting them the vote. They obviously picked the most intelligent students as they spoke well, but do they represent most 16 year olds NO. How can anyone in their right mind have 16 year old school kids voting?  apart from the fact that their age is such that they do not have sufficient knowledge of the World, what have they contributed to Society as a whole by definition they contribute nothing but take everything. At this age that would apply to everyone in this country, can I amend that at 65 I started work at 15 and started paying Tax. No one should be allowed the Vote until they contribute something to the UK either in Tax or charitable work
I know why Labour wants them to vote at 16 because most 16 year old who can be bothered to think about politics will have a Socialist ideal but it is only when they get older, pay taxes and not live of their parents that they realise that Socialism doesn't work as nearly all Labour Governments have proved

So scientists are now studying Apes on how they use sounds to communicate and this may help us understand how Humans learnt to speak. Very interesting but I hope Taxpayers money is not going into fund this as we have much important things to do.

The UK have sent Military Advisors to Ukraine WHY? Is the Ukraine anything to do with us NO will we get paid for the service NO and we cutting back on military spending? Now when Russia responds by officially putting Military Advisors into Eastern Ukraine all the Western Media and Politicians will be up in arms saying how evil Putin is! IS the UK government deliberately trying to antagonise the Russians and cause a war?

Our Enemy is ISIS and a lot of the followers of Islam. All we keep hearing is Islam is a religion of peace so why does their book have so much violence in it and why are Muslims cutting people heads of and throwing gays of roofs?

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